From search to insight

The search industry can trace its roots to over 30 years ago when keyword search was born from government military projects looking to achieve an information advantage. Compared to today the level of unstructured content e.g documents was relatively very low.


These tools then moved into the private sector and there was an explosion of search vendors, each providing keyword search with their own bespoke engines. Corporations lept onto the idea of being able to search all their information stores in one go from one place through a 'connector' architecture and Enterprise Search became the goal. There was a problem at the heart of this, the information growth rate was escalating and the more disparate unregulated data that was connected, the worse the results became as keyword search became less effective, in contrast the price of the software also kept escalating to a point where customers were considering the actual cost benefit of what they were buying just when open source search tools such as Lucene appeared and as a result expensive Enterprise Search projects got cancelled. Corporations just got used to managing a bad situation and users kept their expectations of search low, it had got to a point where most systems designers were turning back to taxonomical classification as a prime data navigation metaphor leaving the burden of how to classify all that unstructured content on the customer.


In recent years AI and Machine Learning has permeated into the public concience and what was once considered science fiction the modern consumer has begun to actively seek out and expectations of minimum quality and data interaction metaphors are increasing all the time. Corporate search is no different. The search industry has realised that just searching isn't all the user wants, what they want is to be shown insights, actionable information that allows them to make good decisions and run their business effectively. Its time for something new.


A new generation

coade3 is a start-up who has created a context search, insight and sentiment platform and is excited to be part of the new generation of vendors offering corporations and government departments a way to garner business critical insights from their unstructured data.


By building a cloud based platform rather than just a point solution any business who gains the business benefits of one of our applications can seamlessly gain the benefits of the others with minimum effort.


The platform also hosts optional SSL secured API calls to the engine where no-one can access your data but you, so the integration into your corporate intranet is as seamless as possible, allowing you to present the insights and contextual options in a consistent and controllable environment.




Context search for compliance and intranets


Horizon scanning for insights on targeted sentiment analysis


Sentiment analysis tool for reviews

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