As all industries and government operations become more regulated the responsibility to prove you are complying with that regulation falls to the organisation itself and it is a very costly process both in personnel, time and effort.


Using traditional keyword search can leave a compliance team with tens of thousands of documents to check before deciding if they are really relevant to the search criteria and putting them forwards to the legal team, this itself is a very costly process but the consequent cost both financially and reputationaly of missing something is even greater.


coade3 has created a contextual search application called Recall, it really understands when one thing is related to another in a document and can offer the skilled compliance officer both a powerful query language where they can really express what they are looking for in a way that is natural or be guided to creating an increasingly powerful search using the query builder tools, this will help ensure you can be confident in the accuracy and relevancy of your search results at the same time as greatly reducing the number of documents being returned saving your business both money and its reputation.

In today's always connected world of social media where noisy opinion can outweigh rationality it is more important than ever to ensure that your organisation has complete sight of what's coming. This sensitivity is especially highlighted on the launch of a new product where all those millions spent on R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing could all quickly disappear with an unmanaged bad public opinion. It can be managed if acted upon quickly, but to do that you need to be alerted to its growth in the first place.


Topicx, a horizon scanning, insight and sentiment analysis application that utilises the coade3 platform can be directed at whichever media you need to monitor and be alerted not just to immediate problems but to growing trends over time, helping to save not just your new products but your reputation as well.

With the explosive growth of on-line shopping and takeaway ordering, getting and managing good reviews have become the life blood of business. Many businesses however complain that their customer base can be greatly affected by a few bad reviews amongst a sea of great reviews and in the B2B market where the service provider is looking to the review manager there are currently very few ways to show the customer reading the reviews the information in context of the other reviews other than the very clumsy (and old fashioned) star ratings.


Readview, a coade3 application, makes sentiment searchable. It reads the reviews and builds an overall picture of the service provider offering the full range of sentiments, but importantly it shows them in context of each other. Readview ensures the service provider is not so badly impacted by a small number of reviews and the review manager can offer a unique solution to its service providers helping to ensure they don't take their business elsewhere.

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